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Buy | Sell Used Rubber Kneader Machine 55 Ltr

Make:-Hersha Machinery Working Capacity in Liter:-55 Ltr Motor Hp:-75 Hp Tilting System:-Gear Tilting Air Compressor:-No

Buy | Sell Used Rubber Kneader Machine size of 35 liter

Make:- Harsha machinery Delhi Working Capacity in Liter:- 35 liter Motor Hp:- 60 Hp Tilting System:- Skrew Air Compressor:- Without

Buy | Sell Used Rubber Refiner Mill Size 21″ X 24″ X 36″

Make:- Santosh Mumbai Roll Size:- 525 mm X 600 mm X 900 mm Drive Type:- Uni Drive Motor Hp:- 125 Hp Gear Box:- Helical Reduction

Buy | Sell used Rubber Sheeting Calendering line 10″x24″

Make:- Santosh Engineer Mumbai Roll Size:- 10 x 24 Roll No's:- 3 Motor:- 15Hp Gear Box:- Radicon

Buy | Sell Used Rubber Strainer Size 8″

Make:- Anant Engineering Works Srew:- Size 200 mm Motor Hp:- 40 hp Gear Box:- Helical Reduction Drive Type:- Belt Drive

Buy | Sell Used Second Hand Rubber Intermix 84 ltr k4

Make:- Alfa Herbertz Motor:- 290 Hp Drive:- Uni Drive Model Door:- Drop Door

Buy | Sell Used Used Rubber Grinder Mill 18″ X 20″ X 30″

Make :- Anant Make Roll Size :- 450 mm X 500 mm X 750 mm Drive Type :- Double bull Gear Motor Hp :- 100 Hp Gear Box :- Helical

Buy Complete tyre pre-cured tread plant machinery

Mixing Mill:- 14x36 Exsuter:- 4.5 inch Pre Pured Press:- 12feet 3 die late Mould 220+210 10 No5:- All-New Pattern

Buy Used Second Hand Cold Feed Extruder 150 mm

Make:- Santosh Engineering Motor:- 90 KW (DC) Vent Vaccum Type Model 6 Way Tube Extruder with Extra Screw Barrel Complete with All Accessories and Extra Sheeting Head

Buy/ Sell Used Hydraulic press

Make:- JK Delhi
Daylight:- 4
Platter Size:- 42" X 62 "
Piston:- 15 inch
>>> Contact:-9310375229 <<<
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Buy/Sell Used Complete plant machinery of solid forklift tyre

1 bid Press 1 small press 1 boiler boiler feeting And oil Tbm machine small jack both feeting die 700×12 6.50.10 dai good running condition