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Buy Complete tyre pre-cured tread plant machinery

Mixing Mill:- 14x36 Exsuter:- 4.5 inch Pre Pured Press:- 12feet 3 die late Mould 220+210 10 No5:- All-New Pattern

Buy/Sell Used Complete plant machinery of solid forklift tyre

1 bid Press 1 small press 1 boiler boiler feeting And oil Tbm machine small jack both feeting die 700×12 6.50.10 dai good running condition


BANANA RATIO (changeable):- 1:5 to 5:1 JACKETED DAY TANKS:- 200 Kg. SOLVENT TANK (S. S.):- 20 Kg. BOOM:- @ 180 Deg. Swing CONTROL:- PLC with color animated Touch Panel MACHINE POWER:- 10 KW NUMBER OF STATION:- 24 & 30 Molds Carrier CONVEYOR POWER:- 24 KW. HEATING SYSTEM:- Individual Mold Heating   OVAL RATIO (changeable):- 1:5 to 5:1 JACKETED DAY TANKS:- 200 Kg. SOLVENT TANK (S. S.):- 20 Kg. BOOM:- X-Y Manipulator type CONTROL:- PLC with color ani Touch Panel mated MACHINE POWER:- 10 KW NUMBER OF STATION:- 44 Molds Carrier CONVEYOR POWER:- 21 kW. HEATING SYSTEM:- Oven  

Footwear Hawaii slippers sheeting unit for sale (running unit)

1. Rubber Dispersion kneader 55 Ltr Make Manoj Singh 2. Rubber Mixing Mill Uni Drive Bearing 16x42 Make Sirhind 3. Rubber Mixing Mill Bull Gear Type 16x42 Make Sirhind 4. Cooling Drum sheeting 4 Drum Make Tejson Delhi 5 Hydraulic Press 2 Nos - size 24x36 Make Bhadur Singh Delhi With All Electrical Panels and Starter

Tire/ Tube plant and rubber processing machinery for sell

1) 1.5-ton boiler 1 no. 2) 15 HP COMPRESSOR, make Mirco Pune. 3) Tube splicing machine 2 daylight. 4) Tube splicing 3 daylight. 5) extruder 2 nos 6' inch dia with 40 HP motors tubes dies. Santosh and Modern make. 6) Tube curing press 16 daylight fully automatic. 7) Tubes Moulds 2 & 3 wheeler. 8) Frezr 2nos.