A journey started 1983 by LT. SHRI VIKRAM BANSAL founder of VATSN-TECNIC.

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His extraordinary vision and hard work took that small scale business started from the hydraulic press, rubber mixing mill, kneader, extruder, and sheeting line calendars and further expanding it to different industries like automotive, tire and rubber conveyor belt, footwear, and various rubber allied industries.

Since 1983, we have been working towards the betterment of our customers whether it is sale and purchase of old machinery or assembling new machinery with help of latest technologies and quality products. Our team completely focuses on the motto of VATSN-TECNIC i.e. providing quality products and services for the best possible prices. Our world is heading towards technological advancement and changes year by year. Countries like U.S.A, Germany, Taiwan are developing new technologies that are more sustainable, advance as well as futuristic, at VATSN-TECNIC we focus on bringing those technologies in India and help our associates and customers as well as our country towards new, better, advanced, and sustainable technologies, products, and services for overall growth and development of our industry and nation.



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