Bucket Conveyor

Bucket Conveyor

Vatsn Tecnic is an experienced company working for almost two decades in rubber processing machinery sale and purchase. Vatsn Tecnic deals in all types of rubber Processing machinery like Hydraulic press, Rubber sheeting lines, Rubber reclaims machinery, Rubber mixing mills, etc. We deal in new rubber processing machines as well as sell/buy old/second-hand rubber processing machinery like want to buy/sell second-hand rubber mixing mills, sell/buy used second-hand old dispersion kneaders, and others.

Vatsn Tecnic deals in newly manufactured and gives consultancy in used/second-hand machinery related to the Rubber Processing Industry, Footwear industry, and tire-tube industry. We are one of India’s largest stockiest Of Second-hand Rubber processing machinery having in-house second-hand ready-to-use machinery related to the Rubber, Footwear &  tyre-tube industry available every time of different brands, quality, and prices.

Bucket Conveyor plays a pivotal role in supplying the processed rubber material from the rubber dispersion kneader to the next machinery segment for further material processing like rubber mixing mill, rubber twin-screw Hooper, etc.

Bucket conveyor is widely used in various industries for material handling. It helps in reducing manpower and time consumption required in the management and supply of raw materials.

We have premium in-stock used/second-hand Rubber processing machinery you can compare bucket Conveyors of different brands, qualities, and prices available in ready-to-use condition.

We are a leading manufacturer of Bucket Conveyors designed for maximum benefit and long-lasting life.

Bucket conveyors are primarily designed for horizontal product movement, providing secure product handling similar to bucket elevators. There are different specifications for this system.

Bucket Conveyor Design-

1.)Overlapping Buckets

The design presents a stream of overlapping buckets in the inlet and allows the elevator to be fed with a constant product stream without spilling anything.

2.)Low maintenance

Being the best bucket conveyor exporter we supply products that are low maintenance. It has no spilling or tracking issues related to the belt system.

3.)Lubricant Free Chain

The chain that we use in this machine doesn’t need any lubricant and it can travel smoothly without much problem.

Bucket Conveyor Specifications-

Length  10-20 ft., 30-40 ft.

Application: – Rubber Industry

Weight 100 to 200kg, 300 to 40kg

Voltage  110V, 380V

Loading capacity 10/15kg, 20/25kg, 30/35kg

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