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Rubber Vulcanizing Autoclave

Vatsn Tecnic, a name of trust since 1984 in the field of rubber processing machinery. We manufacturer of rubber machinery located in Delhi and we also provide consultancy services for buying/selling Used second-hand rubber processing machinery. We are known for manufacturing the best quality Rubber Vulcanizing autoclave having a compact structure, and quick opening and closing door.

Vatsn Tecnic is a Delhi-based manufacturing company having warehouses across Delhi and N.C.R, where you can find the best second-hand machinery according to your requirements and choose from different available options, brands, and quality. We have ready-to-use refurbished second-hand rubber Vulcanizer autoclave as well as other machinery related to rubber processing industries of the best quality at reasonable prices.    

Rubber Roller Vulcanizer Autoclave Specification:-

  •   Rubber Vulcanizing Autoclave converts natural rubber into a cured and cross-linked rubber product. Vulcanizing autoclaves can also cure plastics.
  • The shape of Rubber Vulcanizers is horizontal and circular. These are made in diameters ranging from 900mm to 2500mm and the length is 1 meter to 12 meters as per required.
  • Rubber roller vulcanizing autoclave Machine is designed and works at a steam pressure of 5 Kg/cm² and is tested hydraulically before dispatch loading for a pressure of 7.5 Kg/cm²
  • Rubber Hose Vulcanizing machine consists of Largest Pressure Range:- 25 Kg/cm²
  • Quick-Lock Type design of Auto Clave Vulcanizer is specially designed and manufactured by using high-grade components and raw materials.
  • Depending on the type of rubber, the vulcanizing process can occur from room temperature 100°C to 210°C.

At Vatsn Tecnic, our motto is to provide the best quality rubber processing machinery at the best prices. We manufacture top-quality machinery for the rubber industry as well as buy/sell old machinery after refurbishing it with new parts and technology for the long run and sustainability at reasonable prices.

Why Are Rubber Vulcanizing Autoclaves Used For?

  • Rubber Vulcanizing autoclaves can also be used to cure plastics including the soles of rubber mats, sleeves, joints, gaskets, shoes, hoses, hockey pucks, bowling balls, toys, tires, bouncing balls, and much more. Most of the rubber products manufactured are vulcanized.
  • Rubber and plastic Vulcanizing autoclaves use live internal steam, a mix of live steam and hot air, or hot-air only. Vulcanizing autoclaves use in many products that are not completed the standard press-based compression molding process.
  • Pressure Steam Sterilization Rubber Vulcanizing Autoclave materials are very less sticky and have superior mechanical properties.
  • Vulcanizer working pressure from 5 kg/cm2 to 12 kg/cm2 for fast production of all types

Features of Rubber Vulcanizing Autoclave:-

  • Quick opening door
  • Essential temperature and pressure controls
  • Programmable logical door controller  (optional)
  • Special trolley and rail arrangement
ModelInternal Diameter FeetLengthFeet
Steam working pressure: 50 psi  
Hydraulic test pressure: 75 psi

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