Seller Agreement



Seller Name-

GST Company-

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Our (Vatsn Tecnic) Liability-

1. Sale of your machinery much faster in comparison to any other means or sellers.

2. Marketing your machinery on every digital platform.

3. Directory submissions for selling your Machinery globally.

4. Classified listing of your machinery globally.

5. Machinery listing on Google for maximum reach.

6. Connecting to potential buyers across India and worldwide.

7. Specific targeting of industry owners with similar requirements.

8. Communication with only serious buyers and hassle-free dealings for your machinery.

9. Vatsn Tecnic’s selling ratio after the visit of the potential buyer is 1 out of 5 buyers.

Vatsn Tecnic Terms Dual Selling Method-

i)Vatsn-Tecnic Consultancy charges: Our minimum consultancy charges will be 3% of the selling price of the machinery which can extend to a maximum of 9% depending upon different factors like the selling price of the machinery, condition of the machinery, and mutual agreement between Vatsn-Tecnic and the seller. The seller and Vatsn-Tecnic’s authorized signatories both signed the agreement. The agreement will also state the same. We will charge the least consultancy fee to sell machinery. The machinery must not be older than 10 years from the manufacturing date.

  • Consultancy Charge at time of agreement.

ii) Machinery older than 10 years (from the manufacturing): The price of machinery that is older than 10 years will be decided between the seller and Vatsn-Tecnic on the date of the agreement. After the agreement, the machinery will be sold by Vatsn-Tecnic to potential buyers on their Prices and terms & conditions. Vatsn-Tecnic will pose as the owner of the mentioned machinery in front of their potential buyer.


1. Vatsn-Tecnic will be allowed inspection of the machinery for a minimum number of 3 times with potential buyers.

2. After the third inspection visit Vatsn-Tecnic will be liable to pay 10% of the mutually decided price of the machinery at the agreement for any further inspection visit.

3. If 10% of the price of a machinery is not paid by Vatsn-Tecnic for further inspection after the 3rd time, Vatsn-Tecnic will sell the machinery on a consultancy basis on a fixed commission price mutually decided by the seller and Vatsn-tecnic.

4. Seller will allow Vatsn-tecnic and their buyer’s complete privacy while inspection for the first 3 times and further after the 3rd time if Vatsn-Tecnic pays 10% of the price decided for machinery at the time of agreement before the 4th inspection visit.

5. No individual, seller, or any other 3rd party will communicate with the buyer of Vatsn-Tecnic or disclose the prices of the machinery mutually decided at the time of agreement between the seller and Vatsn-Tecnic.

6. No individual, seller, or any other 3rd party will ask the potential buyer of Vatsn-tecnic about the prices on which Vatsn-tecnic and their potential buyer are negotiating the deal for the machinery.

7. All the communication related to the machinery sale & purchase between the seller and Vatsn-tecnic will be done through Email or any other mode digitally.

  • Prebooked status at the time of Agreement.

Machine deal process-

i) Buyer Details: Buyer details will be shared at the time of inspection through Email or digitally.

ii) Machinery information: Seller should provide complete and correct information related to the name of the manufacturer, year of manufacturing, and the condition of machinery.

iii) Machinery ownership: Machinery should not be under any kind of loan or liability, if so then any kind of advances, payments, and expenses will be bear by the sellers.

iv) Fraudulent activity: If the seller hides any kind of facts related to loan/liability on machinery, any kind of issues in the machinery parts, working and condition, the seller would be liable for the amount paid for the machinery by Vatsn-Tecnic or buyer including charges for loading/unloading, transportation, and 3% commission on the price of the machinery to Vatsn-Tecnic.

v) Time frame: The deal will be mutually decided by the Buyer/Vatsn-tecnic and the seller. Once the timeframe is decided it will not be altered unless in case of any unforeseen conditions such as illness, Weather, government policies, etc. In such cases, a grace period of a minimum of 7 days extending to a maximum of 30 days may be provided according to the situation.

vi) Loading and Transport: Loading and Transportation will be bear by the Buyer

  • Some Buyer or Selling Information- We will provide information regarding the location and further inspection once you agree with us.

Machine Deal Process-

i)Billings Details: The tentative price of the machinery will be provided through Email or Digital media. The final billing amount will be decided after the inspection and negotiation and the same will be communicated through email or digital media mentioning 18% GST on Billing.

ii)Procedure of complete Deal: 10 % should be paid in advance as the booking amount. 50% of the amount should be paid before loading of machinery. The remaining amount should be paid at the time of loading of the machinery. (Note- amount should be paid within the time frame mutually decided as per agreement)

iii) Billing Party: Billing Will be provided by Vatsn Tecnic as we are a third-party medium. We are responsible for selling machines through our consultancy or ownership policy. If there are any changes in terms and conditions, they will be mutually decided and communicated through email or other digital media.

iv) If the seller/Vatsn-tecnic defaults to perform Agreement Points Deals of Machine, He will be liable to return the advance amount paid plus a penalty equal to the advance amount to the Buyer plus 3% commission of the price of machinery as per the agreement to Vatsn-Tecnic in case of third party deals.

Penalties and Security-

i)Selling directly from Buyer: In case of third-party deals where Vatsn-Tecnic provides consultancy services and Introducing Interested Buyer, The Seller is bound to pay our commission charges as communicated through email or digital media at the time of providing machinery details like machinery condition, location, and Buyer details. In case the Seller Sells the same machinery to the Buyer without informing Vatsn-Tecnic and without paying our commission charges, the Seller will have to pay 12% amount of the billing amount of the machinery as penalty charges.

ii) Billing on the different firm:  If the Seller Sells the same machinery on the billing of another firm related to him such as his other firm/company, His partner’s firm/company, his friend’s firm/company, or any other firm/company owned by his relatives.

iii) Interest: Interest of 3% on the amount of 12% of the machinery billing amount will be charged per month in case the Seller doesn’t pay our commission or purchase the machinery from the above-mentioned firms/companies.

 iv) Security: In case Seller doesn’t pay commission to Vatsn-tecnic or purchase machinery on the firm mentioned above/companies, Vatsn-tecnic will have the right to ask for the current account statement of the Seller, and the Seller is bound to provide the same to Vatsn-tecnic.

Legal conditions-

i)Seller will be penalized under related IPC sections as per the law if he doesn’t pay our commission or 12% penalty and interest or denies to provide the current account statement of his company/firm if he Sells the same machinery to the seller which was communicated to the buyer from Vatsn-Tecnic through email or digital media.

ii)All our communication made through email or digital media will be considered as evidence in a court of law. In case of legal action, Vatsn-Tecnic will file the case from Delhi and the Seller will have to appear for the court hearing in Delhi even if the buyer and seller and the machinery belong to a different state or country.

 Note:- Email, Social media messengers like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., Text messages, and WhatsApp messages will be considered as evidence in the court of law in case of any legal proceedings.