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 Rubber Extruders


Vatsn Technic, a reputable manufacturer and consultant for rubber processing machinery, has been based in Delhi since 1984. the best quality Rubber Extruder having a compact structure, and quick opening and closing doors.

Vatsn Tecnic is a Delhi-based manufacturing company having warehouses across Delhi and N.C.R., where you can find the best second-hand machinery according to your requirements and choose from different available options, brands, and quality. Our company offers affordable, high-quality, refurbished Vulcanizer autoclaves. Our company offers exclusive machinery designed for the rubber processing industry. Our machines utilize an extrusion process to manufacture various rubber products, such as profiles, strips, hoses, cables, wires, cord coatings, v-belts, tire treads, and butyl tubes.

Hot Feed Rubber Extruders Specification:

•Rubber Hot Feed Extruder Length/Diameter ratio is mostly in the range of L/D 4:1 to 6:1. Provide better mixing and Vulcanizing.

•Models:- Bull Gear and  Uni Drive Extruders (Eliminating Bull Gear and Pinion ).

•Heavy duty M.S. Seamless Tube Steel fabricated with Minimum Tolerance Machining allowance.

•The Barrel is jacketed for water cooling or steam heating and Covered Double Jacketed with testing hydraulically against any type of leakage.

•The Barrel Max. Operating Pressure is 5,700 psi (400 bar) and Working pressure is around 5000 psi (350 bar), Based on Products.


  • Screw Material:-  Alloy Steel material Nitra hardened 
  • Surface hardness of 58 ~ 60 RC 
  • Screw designing double-pitched thread.
  • Bearing Housing 
  • Bearing housing Material Steel Casting.
  • Bearing: – Anti-Friction Thrust Taper Roller Bearings.

Reduction Gearbox:

  • Gearbox Type:- Worm / Helical Reduction Gearbox
  • Helical Reduction gearboxes have a hollow output shaft that is directly coupled to the gearbox output shaft.
  • Gear and Gear Reducer Made of EN 36 Alloy Steel Long Life Cycle.

Base Frame:

  • Common base frame – Steel fabricated and machined.

Feed Hopper:

  • The feed Hopper is cut machined to mount the feed Roll and also has an undercut to facilitate Rubber strip continuous feed into the Extruder barrel. 

Feed Roll:

  • The Feed Roll is centrally hollow for water cooling. 
  • Main Motors 
  • Fixed or Variable Speed (AC/DC drives) Main Motor 

Temperature Control:

  • Standard offers are manual temperature control with valve opening/closing,
  • Whereas as in the case of accurate temperature  thermo-fluid circuits with Electrical Heaters & pumps can be offered Full Uni Drive Model

Types of Rubber Extruders Heads Available For Rubber Extrusion Products:

  • Straight Heads For Tube And Profile etc.
  • Cross Head For Hose And Pipes etc.
  • Strainer Filter Heads 
  • Pre-cured Tread Heads 
  • Co-Ex Head For Multiple Components


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