Specifications for Secondhand Tire Pre-Cured Tread Making Machinery by Vatsn Tecnic

Tire Pre-Cured Tread Making Machinery

Vatsn Technic’s equipment seamlessly integrates with existing production lines, maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime.¬†Vtasn Tecnic a reputable manufacturer in the tire manufacturing equipment industry, presents a comprehensive range of secondhand machinery designed specifically for producing pre-cured tire treads. Tire manufacturing plants around the world rely on their precision-engineered equipment for its dependability. let’s explore the specifications of Vatsn Tecnic’s secondhand tire pre-cured tread-making machinery in detail.

1. Tread Building Machine:

  • Vatsn Tecnic’s pre-cured tread building machines exhibit a commendable capacity of [insert specific capacity here] units per hour, ensuring high productivity.
  • These machines are adaptable to various tire sizes, catering to the requirements of passenger cars, trucks, and other vehicle types.
  • Compatibility with different tread materials, including rubber compounds and specialized pre-cured materials, ensures versatility in production.

2. Extrusion Equipment:

  • The machinery may incorporate single or twin-screw extruders for precise and efficient extrusion of rubber compounds or pre-cured materials.
  • Optimized extrusion capacity achieves an output rate of [insert capacity] kg/h or lb/h.
  • The die heads are designed to allow for the creation of diverse tread patterns with superior accuracy and consistency.

3. Curing Press:

Tire Pre-Cured Tread Making Machinery

  • Vatsn Tecnic’s range of curing presses comes in various sizes, offering flexibility in the vulcanization process for pre-cured treads.
  • These presses ensure meticulous temperature and pressure control, maintaining optimal curing conditions for consistent and high-quality results.
  • The cycle time for curing a batch of pre-cured treads is optimized for efficiency without compromising the quality of the final product.

4. Automation and Control Systems:

  • Advanced PLC or computer-based control systems are integrated into Vatsn Tecnic’s machinery, providing seamless automation and precise operation.
  • The equipment features advanced sensors and monitoring systems for stringent quality control, measuring tread thickness, width, and other critical parameters during production.

5. Safety Features:

  • Vatsn Tecnic prioritizes safety by incorporating robust safety guards and emergency stop mechanisms to ensure a secure working environment for operators.
  • The machinery complies with international safety standards, meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements.

6. Power and Utilities:

  • Detailed specifications regarding electrical voltage, phase, and power consumption are provided for seamless integration into existing power systems.
  • The process for incorporating specific utility requirements, such as water and air, is clearly outlined and made easy.I have made corrections to any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors in the text to make it clearer.

7. Maintenance and Service History:

  • Vatsn Tecnic offers comprehensive maintenance records and detailed service history for their secondhand machinery, providing insights into past upkeep and care.
  • Depending on availability, the remaining warranty or support may be provided by the manufacturer or seller.

8. Customization and Integration:

  • The machinery allows for the customization of pre-cured tread patterns to suit the unique preferences of customers.
  • Vatsn Technic’s equipment seamlessly integrates into existing production lines, reducing downtime and improving efficiency. This means that the equipment can function smoothly without disrupting the operation of other components in the production line. As a result, businesses can benefit from increased productivity and reduced costs.


In summary, Vatsn Tecnic secondhand tire pre-cured tread-making machinery sets itself apart through its precision, adaptability, and commitment to quality. With advanced automation, safety features, and a proven track record in the industry, these machines offer an ideal solution for enhancing tire manufacturing processes, particularly in the production of pre-cured treads.


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