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Rubber refiner mill

Vatsn Tecnic is an experienced company working for almost two decades in rubber processing machinery sale and purchase. Vatsn Tecnic deals in all types of rubber Processing machinery like Hydraulic press, Rubber sheeting line, Rubber reclaims machinery, Rubber mixing mill, Rubber Reclaim Refiner Mill, etc. We also deal in a Rubber recycling mill known as a rubber reclaim machine. A rubber reclaim machine recycles waste rubber. It’s used to process rubber waste from various rubber product manufacturing processes. Manufacturers use recycled rubber to produce rubber sheets and other rubber products.

Vatsn Tecnic deals in newly manufactured and used/second-hand machinery related to the Rubber, Footwear, and tire-tube industries. We are one of India’s largest stockiest having in-house second-hand ready-to-use machinery related to the Rubber, Footwear & tyre-tube industry available time.

There are three different types of rubber Reclaim Refiner Mill

  1. Rubber Reclaim-Crumb (Tyre & Other rubber waste)
  2. Butyl Reclaim
  3. Latex Reclaim

Rubber Refiner Mill/Reclaim sheeting machine is common in all three types of Reclaim Rubber.

In manufacturing reclaiming crumb sheets, we use a Rubber Refiner Mill. The rubber industry uses these in various products. The footwear industry also uses them. They are particularly used in the EVA sole recycling process.

Rubber Reclaim Refiner Mill Features

  • Rubber Refiner Mill ensures the proper removal of impurities from the reclaimed rubber.
  • When the rolls are set quite to each other (i.e. with a close nip-gap change of 0.05mm), they produce thin-sheet rubber. The rubber has a refined finish and is about 0.10mm thick.
  • The speed ratio ranges from 1:1.75 to 1:2.50
  • The refiner mill is the most important machine required in a reclaim rubber project. The success of a good reclaim project mainly lies in the hands of a Rubber Refiner mill.
  • Rubber Refiner Mill is used in the reclaim rubber industry to produce smooth and homogeneous rubber sheets. Quality material in crumb/reclaim form can perform many tasks. A variety of end products can receive the application. I mentioned this below.
  • Refiner Mill Equipment:- Tailing knives, Scrappers, and Wind-up can be supplied optionally with each machine

Since 1983, Vatsn Tecnic has been producing and manufacturing quality Rubber refiner mills. We customize and upgrade old/used Rubber Refiner and Pre Refiner mills. We use the latest technology. For example, we add bearing-based functionality. We also provide repair and services for Rubber Refiner mills.

Types of Reclaim Sheets from Rubber Refiner Mill

  • Extruded Products
  • Calendared Products
  • Tires & Tubes & Treads
  • Rubber Tiles Making
  • Rubber Mats Sheeting
  • Flooring Artificial Grounds
  • Heavy Weights used in Gyms
  • Rubber Automobile parts
  • Military parts
  • Footwear Industry
  • Rubber Conveyor Belts
  • V – Belts
  • Electric Shock Absorber Sheets
  • And others etc.

Rubber Reclaim Refiner Mill Classification

  • STAND: –Graded Steel Casting (Ultrasonic Tested)
  • HOUSING: –Graded Steel Casting (Ultrasonic Tested)
  • CAP: –Made of Mild Steel (MS)
  • BASE: –Fabricated Construction in Single Piece
  • ROLLS: – Chilled Cast Iron Hardness 500- 540 Bhn
  • BEARINGS: –Antifriction Spherical Roller Bearings
  • GREASE LUBRICATION: – Automatic Force Feed With the Help of a Grease Pump
  • GEARBOX: –Heavy Duty Inline Helical Gearbox of Standard Make
  • MOTOR: –TEFC Energy Efficient Motor of Standard Make
  • NIP ADJUSTMENT: –Gearbox with Hand Wheel
  • Electric Control Panel: Star Delta Electric operating panel with Voltmeter, Ammeter Overload protection relay, and Emergency switch 3 phase indicator arrangement.

We are the top Manufacturers and Suppliers of Rubber Refiner Mills in India. We offer new, used, and refurbished rubber refiner mills to meet clients’ requirements. Demand for second-hand rubber refiner mills is high. This is because of their low prices, refurbished quality, and ready-to-use conditions. So, we also deal in second-hand machinery.

Rubber Reclaim Refiner Mill Benefits

  • Universal nip roll adjustment.v  
  • Roller revolution on Anti-friction Roller Bearings.
  • The uni-drive system through specially designed coupling.
  • Please note that we will be using branded gearboxes such as Elecon, Shanti, and Greaves.
  • Power saving.
  • Dust stops roller guides.
  • Zero maintenance.
  • Steel cast and fabricated stands & caps.
  • Better production results in Insights.
  • Smooth & hassle-free performance
  • Compact Construction
  • Premium quality at the Best Price
  • High energy efficiency Good Saving
  • Reasonable Pricing of Refiner Mill

Technical Specifications


Chilled Rolls Barrel Dimensions


Capacity Per Batch

Required Motor


Dia Front

Dia Rear



Appx. Kg/hr







45 ~ 70







90 ~ 120







150 ~ 170







250 ~ 350



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