Secondhand Rubber Cow Mat, Animal anti-Slip, and Stable Flooring Mat Making Machinery

This image is making Cow Mat, Animal anti-Slip, and Stable Flooring Mat Making Machinery

Secondhand Rubber Cow Mat, Animal anti-Slip, and Stable Flooring Mat Making Machinery

Manufacturing machinery for rubber cow mats, animal mats, and stable mats involves a specialized process aimed at producing durable, anti-slip, and comfortable flooring solutions for livestock and agricultural purposes. Vatsn Tecnic, a company dedicated to manufacturing Machines or second-hand rubber machinery plays a significant role in this domain.

Here’s an overview of the key components and processes involved in producing these mats:

1.)Rubber Material Processing-

  • Raw Material Selection:

Natural rubber or recycled rubber granules are commonly used. The selection depends on the desired properties of the final mat – elasticity, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Mixing and Compounding:

The raw rubber material is mixed with additives like fillers, curing agents, and colorants in precise proportions. This process takes place in a mixer to achieve homogeneity and desired characteristics.

  • Extrusion or Molding:

The compounded rubber material is either extruded or molded into the desired shape and size of mats. Extrusion involves forcing the material through a die to create continuous lengths of mats, while molding utilizes specific molds to shape individual mats.

2.)Machinery Components-

  • Mixing Equipment:

Vatsn Tecnic’s machinery includes high-quality mixers with precision controls to ensure thorough blending of rubber compounds and additives.

This Machine is making Cow Mat, Animal anti-Slip, and Stable Flooring Mat Making Machinery

  • Extruders or Molding Machines:

These are designed to process rubber compounds efficiently. Vatsn Tecnic likely offers both extrusion lines and molding machines capable of handling various sizes and shapes of mats.

  • Curing Chambers:

After shaping, the mats undergo a curing process in chambers or ovens at controlled temperatures and durations. This step allows the rubber to solidify and gain its final properties.

  • Cutting and Finishing Equipment:

Machinery for cutting, trimming, and finishing edges ensures the mats meet quality standards and desired dimensions.

3.)Technical Advancements by Vatsn Tecnic-

  • Automation and Control Systems:

Vatsn Tecnic might integrate advanced automation and control systems into their machinery for precise operations, ensuring consistent quality and efficiency.

  • Material Innovation:   

Continual research and development in rubber compounds and additives to enhance the mats’ performance, such as improved durability, anti-bacterial properties, and better traction.

  •  Customization Options:

Machinery might offer flexibility for customization, allowing clients to create mats with specific textures, patterns, and dimensions to meet diverse market demands.

  • Quality Assurance and Compliance:

Vatsn Tecnic likely implements stringent quality control measures, adhering to industry standards and regulations. They might conduct quality tests on raw materials, in-process stages, and final products to ensure the durability, safety, and performance of the mats.

  • Market Application:

Rubber cow mats, animal mats, and stable mats find application in various agricultural settings.

  • Livestock Farming:

Providing comfortable flooring for cows, horses, and other animals to prevent injuries and promote better hygiene.

  • Stables and Equestrian Facilities:

Ensuring anti-slip and durable flooring solutions for horses, enhancing their safety and comfort.


Vatsn Tecnic’s machinery encompasses a comprehensive process for manufacturing rubber mats, meeting industry standards, and catering to the diverse needs of livestock and agricultural sectors through innovation and quality-driven solutions.

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