Rubber Reclaim Cracker Mill | Rubber Crumb Cracker Mill

Rubber Reclaim Cracker Mill

 RubberReclaim Cracker Mill Rubber and Processing Machinery in India for allied industries.

We manufacture rubber products. We buy and sell used machinery in the rubber industry and have extensive experience in purchasing and selling machinery. Our specialize in rubber reclaims cracker mills, and tire recycling. Offers both new machines customized to your requirements and used machines.

 It witnessed significant advancements in technology, including the automation of manual machines and innovations in rubber-related machinery.

Cracker Mill Crumb Rubber-

  • Cracker Mills & Grinding Mills for Reclaim in single-geared or double-geared models.
  • Rubber crackers Mills are essential machines for manufacturing crumb rubber powder from scrap rubber parts, tires, tubes, flaps, sheets, etc.
  • The applications of Rubber Cracker Mill involve breaking rubber pieces into very small rubber pieces depending upon nip opening.
  • cracker mill demands continuous recycling of waste rubber by cracking and crushing it.
  • The Cracker Mill can produce rubber powder from any type of Tyre. This is effective for different types of tires such as cars and trucks. It also works well for OTR, mining trucks, vans, super singles, and agricultural tires.
  • Crumb rubber is a granular material made from recycled automotive and truck Tyres. The recycling process involves removing steel and tire cords, leaving behind the rubber. Continued processing with a granulator or cracker mill

Our specialization-

You can choose the best tire recycling machinery from many options. These options provide the required machinery that you need.

We specialize in buying and selling complete tire| Tyre Used recycling plant Machinery in India. We provide our expert consulting services and help our customers set up new plants according to their production requirements with the help of second-hand/used machinery or new customized machinery as per your requirements.

Features of Machinery-

  • High efficiency and lower operating cost.
  • It is Compact Construction, with maximum Floor Utilization Continuous lubrication is no longer necessary, resulting in cost savings on lubrication.
  • No Deep Foundation Required.

Our Team-

The expert engineers can solve issues with all types of machinery. This includes new technology and automation, as well as old manual machines.

We have vast experience in the sale and purchase of every kind of rubber allied processing machinery for years.

Over the years, we have served customers throughout India. We offer trading services/Manufacturing in several locations, including Kottayam, Kerala, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Gujarat, and elsewhere.

At Vatsn-Tecnic, we offer a comprehensive solution for Tyre/tire recycling. We provide a complete set of machinery for rubber reclaiming. We offer consulting services for rubber reclamation and tire recycling facilities.

Rubber Crumb Machine Specification-

Model Rolls Dimensions Process Capacity kg/hr Required Motor HP
Dia Front Dia Rear Length
VAT-1 16″ 18″ 24″ Continuous 350 ~ 500 100
VAT-2 18″ 22″ 30″ Continuous 500 ~ 650 125
VAT-3 21″ 24″ 36″ Continuous 700 ~ 850 150
VAT-4 24″ 24″ 38″ Continuous 1000 ~ 1200 180


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