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Rubber Reclaim Cracker Mill | Rubber Crumb Cracker Mill

Rubber Reclaim Cracker Mill

Vatsn-Tecnic, a renowned name since 1983 providing solutions and services for tire|tyre powder making machine machinery in India. We manufacture Rubber Reclaim Cracker Mill Rubber & processing Machinery Manufacturer india for allied industry as well as we sell and purchase second-hand/used machinery of the rubber industry. We have vast experience in the sale and purchase of Rubber Reclaim Cracker Mill machinery and waste tyre|tire recycling machinery be it manufacturing of new machines according to your requirement or second hand/used machines. Over the period we have provided premium services related to the sale and purchase of rubber processing machinery in India and services related to maintenance and repairs. Over the period we have come across many developments in technologies like automation of manual machines and innovations in machinery related to rubber allied machinery. 

We are one of the largest stockiest of rubber processing machinery in India and we have in-house used/second-hand/refurbished rubber processing machinery like rubber intermix, rubber banbury 3d, rubber cracker mill, rubber mixing mill, rubber dispersion kneader, etc. available in different quality and quantity every time.  

Cracker Mill Crumb Rubber

  • Cracker Mills & Grinding Mills for Reclaim in single-geared or double geared models.
  • Rubber crackers Mills are very essential machines for manufacturing crumb rubber powder from scrap rubber parts, tires, tubes, flaps, sheets, etc.
  • The applications of Rubber Cracker Mill involve breaking rubber pieces into very small rubber pieces depending upon nip opening.
  • The rolls of these crackers are engineered using a superior grade of chilled cast iron to guarantee the wear-resistant hard surface
  • cracker mill is demanded continuous recycling of waste rubber by cracking and crushing them.
  • The Cracker Mill can be used for powder production of rubber originating from basically any type of tyre/tire- e.g. car tyres, truck tyres, OTR tyres, mining truck tyres, van tyres, super singles and agricultural tyres.
  • Crumb rubber is recycled rubber produced from automotive and truck scrap tires. During the recycling process, steel and tire cord (fluff) are removed, leaving tire rubber with a granular consistency. Continued processing with a granulator or cracker mill

Our specialization

Providing a good number of options of required machinery so you can choose the best tire|tyre recycling machinery as per your requirement. Our network is spread throughout India and we have collaborations with companies and manufacturers related to rubber allied industries.

We specialize in buying and selling complete tire|tyre Used recycling plant Machinery in India. We provide our expert consulting services and help our customers set up new plants according to their production requirements with the help of second-hand/used machinery or new customized machinery as per your requirement.

Features of Machinery

  • High efficiency and lower operating cost.
  • Compact Construction, maximum Floor Utilization.
  • Now no continuous Lubrication is required which saves lubrication costs.
  • No Deep Foundation Required.
  • Equipped with Anti Friction Bearings so No wear & tear as in Bush Bearing type Machines.

Our team

expert engineers is more than capable of providing solutions related to every type of machinery whether machines of new technology and automation or old manual machines. We have vast experience in the sale and purchase of every kind of rubber allied processing machinery for years. Over the years, we have been providing trading as well as manufacturing services to our customers all over India in states such as Kottayam Kerala, Mumbai, Chennai, Banglore, Gujrat, etc.

We at Vatsn-Tecnic provide a complete solution and set of machinery for tyre/tire recycling or rubber reclaim rubber machinery. We also provide a complete project report and setup cost for a complete rubber reclaim plant  as well as consultation to help set up a complete used tyre recycling plant throughout India.

Rubber Crumb Machine Specification

Model Rolls Dimensions Process Capacity kg/hr Required Motor HP
Dia Front Dia Rear Length
VAT-1 16″ 18″ 24″ Continuous 350 ~ 500 100
VAT-2 18″ 22″ 30″ Continuous 500 ~ 650 125
VAT-3 21″ 24″ 36″ Continuous 700 ~ 850 150
VAT-4 24″ 24″ 38″ Continuous 1000 ~ 1200 180 

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