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Rotary Curing Press | Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Machine | Rubber Rotocure

Vatsn Tecnic, a trusted name in manufacturing rubber processing machines since 1983. Vatsn-Tecnic, over the last two decades, specialized in the TYRE/TUBE and FOOTWEAR industry machinery. Over the period, Vatsn-Tecnic became India’s largest platform for selling and buying Used/second-hand machinery related to the rubber industry, tyre/tube industry, and footwear industry. We have machinery pertaining to different segments and quality, providing our customers with options to choose the best machine according to their requirements and the quality of the machinery. We have all types of rubber processing machines used in manufacturing different kinds of rubber products. We are one of the largest stockiest of used/second-hand rubber processing machinery, tyre/tube manufacturing machines, and footwear industry machines. We also manufacture new machinery as well as refurbish and upgrade old machinery related to rubber processing, tyre/tube, and footwear industry.

We deal in rubber Rotocure machinery commonly known as rotary curing press. Rubber Rotocure machines are used in conveyor belt vulcanizing and different types of products curing process like mackintosh, rubber, plastic floor mat, etc. We buy/sell used/second-hand rubber Rotocure machines from manufacturers located in India, China, the U.S.A, etc.

Rotocure Specification

Rubber Sheet Curing Rotocure also known as Rotary Curing Press is a standard press-based Continuous Rubber sheet Curing process which is called the Standard press-based compression moulding process. Rotocure repeats the continuous vulcanization process where the sheet is heated and vulcanized.

  • Rotocure set-up consists of a large, steam-heated, revolving steel drum. The drum is heated through steam to a temperature of 150 – 200°C.
  • The drum of Rubber Rotocure are interchangeable and can have completely smooth or patterned surfaces
  • Standard Size:-Rotary curing press diameter varies between 700-1500 mm and a width of between 1200-2500 mm.
  • Speed range Rubber Rotocure – Conveyor belt vulcanizing machine (rotary curing press) varies between 5 – 50 mtr/hr and curing time between 4 – 35 min for your specific compound.
  • Contact length against the drum of 3 minutes,
  • Max Rubber Sheet Thickness .5 to 25 MM
  • Main Motor hp Range:- 7.5 hp to 20 hp

Rubber Sheet Rotary Curing Line consists of the following machines:

  • Let off equipment
  • Rotocure
  • Cooling equipment
  • Equipment of edge trimming of product
  • Batch off equipment

The machine includes the main machine, infrared heating device, Oil heating controller, unwinding & winding-up device, electric system, and control cabinet.

Rotocure Uses

Rotocure machines continuously vulcanize different kinds of rubber blankets, light conveyer belts, drive belts, printing blankets, rubber and plastic blanket, rubber flashing, rubber belts, roof covering, rubber belts with textile inserts, sealing plates, membrane and ship textile, conveyor belts, flat belts, floor covering, mackintosh, rubber & plastic floor mat.

Top Manufacturers of (Rotocure Rotary curing press) Steel Belt for Conveyor belt Curing Press.

  • Sandvik Group Headquarters IPCO AB, Sandviken, Sweden Since 1990
  • Berndorf Band Group Headquarters Austria 1991
  • Consol steel belt (Canton) Co. ltd working since 2008, Guangzhou, China
  • Naut Steel Belt System co Ltd, founded in 2005, is located in Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Park
  • Established in 2012, Mingke Shanghai China is one of the leading sellers of listed products.
  • Belt Technologies Europe Newcastle UK 2004

Rotocure Benefits

  • High hourly output of the rotary curing press
  • Long lifespan
  • Low energy consumption
  • High reliability
DESCRIPTION VAT-700-1700 VAT-1000-1700 VAT-1500-2000 VAT-2000-2500
Heating Drum Diameter 700 1000 1500 2000
Max Product. Width 1600 1800-2000 1900 2000-2500
Line Speed 0.03-1.34 0.06-1.8 0.175-3.14 0.24-4.7
Motor 7.5.H.P 10HP 15HP 20HP
Max Product Thickness 0.5-25MM 0.5-25 MM 0.5-25 MM 0.5-25 MM
Max Temp 160-220o 160-220o 160-220o 160-220o

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