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Vatsn-Tecnic a firm established in 1983, started in Delhi, dealing in the buying and selling of rubber-allied industries machinery like cow mat-making machines price in India. Over the period we have provided premium services related to the sale and purchase of machinery and services related to maintenance and repairs. Over the period we have come across many developments in technologies like the automation of manual machines and innovations in machinery related to rubber allied machinery.

Our team of expert engineers is more than capable of providing solutions related to every type of machinery whether machines of new technology and automation or old manual machines. We have vast experience in the sale and purchase of every kind of rubber allied machinery for years. Over the years, we have been providing trading as well as manufacturing services to our customers all over India in states such as Kottayam Kerala, Mumbai, Chennai, Banglore, Gujrat, etc.

Our specialization is in providing a good number of options for required machinery so you can choose the best machinery as per your requirements. Our network covers all of India. We collaborate with companies and manufacturers in rubber-related industries.

Over this period we have provided our support and services to customers all over India and helped them set up complete Rubber Mat manufacturing units. We offer various machines and components for Rubber Mat manufacturing units. These machines can be second-hand or brand new, customized to your needs.

We specialize in the sale and purchase of a fully automated line of rubber mat-making machinery as well as the manufacturing of new machinery according to the requirements of your production unit.

Machinery Used in Rubber mat making – Full Automated line-

1. Rubber mixing mill:

This machinery is one of the most important machinery for rubber-allied industries. We at Vatsn Tecnic, deal in the sale and purchase of rubber processing machinery and rubber products manufacturing machines in India. We also sell/purchase rebuilt, reconditioned, and refurbished rubber processing machinery and rubber products manufacturing machines in India.

These Mills ensure perfect and uniform blending of natural and synthetic rubber.


Additives like fillers, softeners, processing aids, and colorants mix with rubber base material. The two rolls of the rolling mill rotate in the opposite direction. To mix, one roll runs faster than the other one (Friction Ration of Rolls: – 1:1.2). Therefore, shearing forces act on the rubber in the nip between the two rolls. Two Roll Mixing Mills are equipped with a specially designed Stock blender to assist the operator in mixing the rubber material and chemical powder.

We sell/purchase used/second-hand machinery. Our experienced engineers, provide services for automation and up-gradation of technology of old manual machines like bush drive into bearing drive, and bull gear motion into a uni-drive machine. We also provide spare parts for mixing mills like gunmetal bush, gearbox, driven gears, etc.

2. Kneader:

Dispersion Kneaders are specially designed for mixing a variety of materials ranging from low-viscosity adhesive to high-viscosity polymers. These versatile machines can be used in both rubbers as well as plastic industries. Dispersion kneaders perfectly control the mixing and blending of raw material to form a uniform compound mixture ensuring better dispersion.

The machine consists of a mixing chamber fitted with rotary blades, made of high-grade steel. Mixing of the raw material takes place in this chamber, the blended compound is then cooled with the help of water. The mixing chamber comprises a pneumatically or hydraulically controlled pressure lid, which helps to maintain pressure on the raw material during mixing. The ease of cleanliness on this machine particularly once they have


to be compelled to modify the color of their compounds oftentimes.

These machines are simple to work and their varied applications embody Natural Rubber like IIR, SBR, CR, EPDM, element Rubber, and synthetic rubber. Rubber Tires, Packing Gaskets, Hose, Belts, Shoe Sole, Sponge, electrical Wire Covering, Casters, Golf Balls, Oil Seal, etc. Some more examples are weather Strips, Water Proof Sheet, EVA, Thread Compound Battery Containers, Oil seals, Body seals, Gasket, Belt, Hose, Tube for cars Rubber for electrical wires Conveyor Belts & Power transmission belts.

This machine is also used for Rubberized Rolls. Rubber-based products, such as plugs, caps, gloves, and dental equipment, use it. The medical industry uses it for rubber balls and other plastic compounds.

 Vatsn-Tecnic has been providing premium quality Old/Second hand/Refurbished/Reconditioned Rubber Dispersion Kneader for Sale in India for years now. Our Old/Second Rubber Dispersion Kneaders are available in-house for sale in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kottayam.

3. Bucket Conveyor:

Like bucket elevators, bucket conveyors provide you with secure product handling but

These rank movement over stillness. The bucket conveyor has a continuous row of overlapping buckets at the base. It allows for many or single selective discharge stations. Users can use this way to recombine or split production lines. There are different specifications for this system.

At Vatsn Tecnic you will get the best machinery as we are the leading bucket conveyor manufacturers. We design our machines in such a way that it provides you with maximum benefit.

4. Twin Screw Hooper:

Twin Screw Sheeter replaces the dump mill and sheeting mill combination in a traditional rubber mixing line. It is ideal for conventional and diverse applications including tire manufacturing, custom compounding, hose & belt manufacturing, and technical rubber goods production.

Hence, a twin-screw extruder can ensure transporting, compressing, mixing, cooking, shearing, heating, cooling, pumping, shaping, etc. with a high level of flexibility. The major advantage of intermeshing co-rotating twin–screw extruders are their remarkable mixing capability which confers exceptional characteristics to extruded products and adds significant value to processing units.

The rubber extrusion process involves a screw-extruding machine. This machine is very like the ones used for plastic extrusion.

Vatsn-Tecnic has been providing premium quality Old/Second hand/Refurbished/Reconditioned Rubber Twin-screw hoopers for Sale in India for years now. Our Old/Second Rubber twin screw extruder / Sheeter / Hooper is available in-house for sale in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kottayam.

5. Calender with Pneumatic cutting conveyor: 

In the production industry for finishing, they use the calendaring machine. It helps create high-quality rubber. It is further used in a product like gaskets, seals, and O-rings.

Instead of exploiting normal rubber to supply products like these, producing firms typically use calendared rubber. Each normal rubber and calendared rubber still include an equivalent basic rubber material, however, the latter sort offers many benefits over its counterpart.

Using a Rubber Calendering machine, you can iron plastic or rubber into textiles.

(cloth, fabric, and tire cord) forming composite sheets. Cloth and rubber or plastic material area unit capable of a series of rollers to flatten, smooth, and commingle the 2 or additional materials. Glossy sheets will have multiple layers of each elastomeric and compound “Joined” along

We at VATSN-TECNIC, a rubber processing machinery seller and buyer in India, provide services for buying and selling refurbished, old, and new rubber mat-making machines in India like calendaring machines, and it’s maintenance services all over India. We are also experts in providing consultation for such activities.

6. Hydraulic Press:

They use hydraulic presses to generate compressive force. It can be single or multiple daylights in

Electrical/ steam/ Thermic fluid heated versions, single or Multi-Daylight presses, with Hand lever operation or Automatic PLC controlled. Hydraulic presses can be up-stroking or down-stroking molding hydraulic presses as per application requirements. In compression molding, you place an uncured rubber profile in a heated mold. Then you soften the uncured rubber by the heat and press them forcing the rubber compound to fill the mold cavity. The rubber is thus made to conform to the shape of the mold and then you cure it to produce your finished article

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