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Pre-cured Rubber Treads Hydraulic Press | Tyre Retread Pre-cured Rubber Making Hydraulic Press

We Vatsn tecnic plays an important role in rubber machinery industry. We work in different rubber product-making machines like waste tire recycling machines, Pre-cured Rubber Treads Hydraulic Press, rubber reclaims machines, procured tire tread machines, rubber sheeting lines, extruded-molded rubber products machinery, etc.

We are also the stockiest of second-hand rubber processing machinery. We work in rubber machinery used Retorofitted and also Refurbished machines. We perform business activities throughout India and have a number of godowns in which we stock huge verities of Used/second-hand rubber processing in good condition. All machines are available in ready-to-dispatch condition, saving time and money, and users can buy used and second-hand machinery as per their requirements.

Pre-cured Rubber Treads Hydraulic Press

Retreading Tire is a reliable, safe, and cost-effective way to breathe new life into worn tires. The “worn-out” tread of the tires is buffed away and replaced with brand new rubber tire tread. This process is widely used in large-scale operations such as trucking, bussing, and commercial aviation For Economical Tyre Using in their Vehicle. Vatsntecnic’s Pre-cured Tread Rubber Molding Press is the most environmentally friendly way of recycling used tires. Some of the requirements for a rereading of tires are:

·  Retreading has emerged as the most reliable, safe as well as cost-effective procedure to deliver new life to worn tires

· The tire was used correctly in its “first life”, driven with the right air pressure, and treated with the core.

·Whether a Precured rubber retread able carcass can be reused depends on the type of tire.

·These Pre-cured Rubber Tread Rubber Molding  Hydraulic Press offer the most environmentally friendly way of recycling used tires. Some of the requirements for rereading tires are:

The following Pre-cured Rubber Treads Hydraulic Press limits apply

· Car Type Tyre :- Approx 1 time

· Light Truck Tyre: Generally 1 time

· Truck Tyres: Up to  3 times

· Tractor Tyres :- Up to 5 times

·  Aircraft Tyres: Up to 12 times

Pre-cured Rubber Treads Hydraulic Press Making Machine Construction:

· “C” Type Press Frame (Single side pressing)

· “I” Type (Both Side Pressing)

Applications of  Pre-cured Rubber Treads Hydraulic Press:

·  Precured Rubber tire retreading hydraulic press or pre-cured tread rubber Tire molding Hydraulic presses are mainly used to produce tire trips in a variety of designs for cars, Light Truck, Truck, Tractor, Air Craft, OTR Etc.

· Pre-cured tread Tyre rubber molding presses made available by us find application in producing Calender Sheeting strip pre-cured trend for the renovation of different range of tires. With the offered Precured Rubber Tread Hydraulic Machines suitable for cold renovation procedure of tires retreading, these Precured Rubber Tyre Retreading Hydraulic presses are developed to accommodate customers’ given suggestions and design needs.

· Further, for ensuring efficient Precured rubber Tyre retreading operations through Hydraulic Press, the Ram/slide/moving platen moves in an upward direction (from Bottom Home Position to upward position).

We have stock of Precured Tire Tread machinery, used Retrofitted and Refurbished machine. If any business entity or individual wants to start their production line at a large scale, we provide all machinery in the ready-to-dispatch condition which helps in saving time and money.

Technical Specifications

Clamping Force (T)360650800100012002000
Table Size (mm)305×3650305×8000400×8000350×5500625×4500400×11000
Daylight (mm)125each125each125each125each150each150each
No. of Daylight / Layers4 Nos.5 Nos.5 Nos.4 Nos.6 Nos.5 Nos.
Stroke of Main Cylinder500mm600mm550mm500mm900mm750mm
No. of Cylinders5 Nos.12Nos.8Nos.10Nos.8Nos.20Nos.
Piston dia of each cylinderØ200mmØ200mmØ250mmØ250mmØ300mmØ250mm
Electric Motor (H.P.)10 H.P.20 H.P.25 H.P.25 H.P.30 H.P.40 H.P.
Working Pressure (Bar)200 Bar200 Bar200 Bar200 Bar200 Bar200 Bar
Weight (approx)35 Tons75-80 Tons80-85 Tons50 Tons50-60 Tons130 Tons
Specific Pressure40 to 45kg/cm240 to 45 Kg/cm240 to 45 Kg/cm240 to 45 Kg/cm240 to 45 Kg/cm240 to 45 Kg/cm2
Heating MethodSteam/Thermic OilSteam/Thermic OilSteam/Thermic OilSteam/Thermic OilSteam/Thermic OilSteam/Thermic Oil

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