Rubber Vacuum Compression Molding Hydraulic Press

Rubber Vacuum Compression Molding Hydraulic Press

 Auto Car Parts Making Rubber Vaccum Compression Molding Machine

For over two decades, Vatsn Tecnic has been at the forefront of innovation in rubber product-making machinery and rubber vacuum compression molding hydraulic press. As a manufacturer of rubber processing machines, we are proud supporters of the MAKE IN INDIA initiative. Our range of products includes rubber mat-making machinery, rubber auto parts manufacturing machines, rubber gasket-making machines, and rubber o-rings-making machinery. We play a crucial role in the research and development of rubber-allied industry machinery, constantly striving to advance the field of technology.

These presses eliminate any chance of air entrapments in the mold during the curing process hence the final product quality is excellent & rejection chances are minimized. Parallelism accuracy is also essential in these presses.

The designed vacuum chambers of the machine pay off in terms of higher quality and reduced scrap parts. Surrounding the workpiece with a vacuum removes heated gases and trapped air from the role, eliminating the defects. The self-contained hydraulic system features an efficient load sensing, pressure compensated pump, hydraulic oil reservoir with sight gauge, thermometer, and a clean-out door.

Comprising two sections including Vacuum Molding Press and Automatic Mold Ejection System, these segments are connected with an Automatic mold handling arrangement. They are sequenced to handle press operations

Pillar-type machines, with precision platen movements.

Suitable for plate molds with automatic ejection arrangement.

PLC-operated control system with touch screen HMI.

Rubber Vacuum Compression Molding Hydraulic Press Features:

  1. The upper and lower molds are all treated with nitriding grinding.

      2. The high vacuum of this machine used an average method, which can make the product steady and improve the quality and producing ability.

      3. It can reach 650-700mm HG within 5 seconds in the vacuum room.

      4. A new opening mold track design can make the mold angle 90 degrees for convenient operation.

      5. A new moving mold design can make it quiet, fast, smooth, and accurate positioning.

      6. It adopts dual power and independent oil circuit design, with stable, quiet, and low failure rate features, they can operate separately or together.

      7. Suitable for the production of conductive rubber products and natural rubber products.

Suitable For:

This Press is Used In Auto Rubber Components Automotive parts, O-rings, Gasket, Packings, Keypad, Roller, Pharmaceutical stoppers, automobile-purpose rubber, rubber for common industries and household purposes, Interlock blocks, medical rubber, Bushrubber, military & defense industry, toy industry, Piston of Medical syringe, Anti-vibration Pads and products, different Silicone types of product and many other rubber articles like Rubber Grommet Making Compression molding press. Our company has vast expertise in producing rubber processing and product-making machinery. We have years of experience in this industry and are committed to delivering high-quality machines to our customers. We currently have a variety of previously owned, refurbished, and retrofitted machines in stock for spread across India and Abroad where we sell our used and second-hand rubber machines. We have machines available in bulk like Used Rubber Mixing Mill and Second-hand Rubber Dispersion kneader.


MODEL NO. VAT-75 VAT-100 VAT-150 VAT-200 VAT-250 VAT-300 VAT-350 VAT-400 BVP-500
PLATEN SIZE (MM) 360×360 410×410 460×460 510×510 610×610 660×660 760×760 800×850 1000×1000
MACHINE TONNAGE 75 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 500
RAM SIZE DIA (MM) 220 MM 250 MM 300 MM 350 MM 400 MM 450 MM 500 MM 550 MM 600 MM
DAYLITE GAP 500 MM 500 MM 500 MM 400-500 MM 400-500 MM 400-500 MM 400-500 MM 500-800 MM 500-900 MM
MAN MOTOR 5 HP 5 HP 5 HP 7.5 HP 10 HP 10 HP 15 HP 15 HP 20 HP
MAIN RAM STROKE 500 MM 500 MM 500 MM 500 MM 500 MM 500 MM 500 MM 500 MM 500 MM

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