Vatsn–Tecnic is a renowned name that provides services for selling and purchasing rubber-allied industries machinery all over India. Our platform offers a complete range of rubber processing machinery from national and international brands. We have been providing premium services and quality rubber products manufacturing machines at the best price to our customers all over India for over 21 years.
We have expertise in selling and purchasing used/second-hand/refurbished Elastomer | Plastomer processing machines. At Vatsn–Tecnic, compare the prices of different kinds of processing machinery used in manufacturing products related to the rubber | plastic industry brand new machinery as well as old/second hand/refurbished/used rubber | plastic processing machinery.

We have expertise in the sale and purchase of the following machinery from the rubber | plastic processing world related to footwear industries-

  • Rubber refiner mill machine
  • Rubber Hawaii molding press
  • Eva hydraulic molding press
  • Eva splitting machine
  • Footwear Sole making hydraulic press (12 station type)
  • Footwear sole injection machine
  • Rubber two-roll mixing mill
  • Rubber Dispersion Kneader
  • Rubber calendar sheeting line

Eva Sole Making Hydraulic Press-

We have an in-house workshop and qualified engineers, and we specialize in providing used/old/refurbished/reconditioned Eva Sole-making machines like Multilights Hydraulic Press at reasonable prices and premium quality. At Vatsn-Tecnic, we provide machinery of different designs and technologies according to our customers’ needs. We also customize old machinery according to the requirements and demands of the process. We provide quality new as well as old and refurbished rubber processing machinery with improved mechanisms and latest technologies for better output and quality products like:

  • Frame hydraulic press
  • Pillar-type hydraulic press
  • C frame hydraulic press

Eva (ethylene vinyl acetate) is a synthetic material manufacturing running and other sports-related footwear. It is also sometimes called soft foam.

Nowadays, EVA sheets are preferred over rubber sheets due to their softness, stress-crack resistance, UV resistance, glossiness, and flexible material.

In the process of foaming rubber and different plastic materials to form EVA and related materials, a Hydraulic press is applied for foaming and molding.

Eva makes a Press machine consisting of a digital display temperature gauge. Rubber/EVA Hydraulic Vulcanizing press machine consists of hydraulic systems that give mechanical pressure to the elastomers | elastomer kept in the hot plates. Plates in the vulcanizing press can be heated through thermic oil or electricity.

Vatsn-Tecnic deals in new as well as used/second-hand EVA Sheet Foaming Shoe Sole Hydraulic Press of different frames and sizes for manufacturing different types of products and materials like EVA sheets, EVA soles, Rubber soles, and Rubber mats making hydraulic presses.

At Vatsn-Tecnic, we have a wide range of Rubber/EVA Hydraulic Vulcanizing press machines of different sizes and quality. However, the most common EVA hydraulic press molding pattern size used in EVA sole-making machines is 36” x 42” inches and 5-6 daylights, available with us in good quality and quantity at the lowest price. We also have EVA hydraulic presses of different sizes, like 50” x 60” and 60” x 80” inches.

EVA Sheet Foaming Shoe Sole Hydraulic Press is of compact structure and high pressure; it has two heating methods;
1. Electricity heating
2. Steam heating

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