Molding Hydraulic Press

rubber molding hydraulic press

Molding Hydraulic Press:

Vatsn Tecnic – Our experience in the sale and purchase of compression molding hydraulic presses started back in 1983. Since then we have manufactured new compression hydraulic presses as per the requirement of our valuable clients. Additionally, we also sell and purchase used/secondhand/old Rubber molding Hydraulic presses. Our company deals in Eva molding hydraulic press, Hawaii chappal molding hydraulic press, and conveyor belt hydraulic press. We also deal in tire and tube molding hydraulic presses, and sheet and matt-making hydraulic presses.

Vatsn-Tecnic has experienced engineers and mechanics to provide maintenance, services, and repairs of every type of hydraulic press. Therefore, we also deal in various types of spare parts and attachments related to hydraulic presses as well as different types of rubber industry machinery. Additionally, our firm also provides annual maintenance packages for unlimited support and services for the maintenance of rubber industry machinery.

rubber molding hydraulic press

Vatsn-Tecnic specialization is in selling and purchasing rubber processing machinery from companies manufacturing plants like tires, conveyor belts, molded and extruded parts, footwear, auto parts, rubber hoses, etc.

In case of any kind of requirement of the hydraulic press please contact us. Our reputed company will provide you with the maximum possible options to choose from be it a used and second-hand hydraulic press or a brand new one. We also repurchase second-hand and old machinery purchased from us by our valuable customers.

Rubber Compression Molding Hydraulic Press:

The compression press is the most common and economical press for the manufacturing of rubber products. Hydraulic press generates compressive force to mold rubber. As a result, the Rubber Molding hydraulic press softens uncured rubber with heat and pressure forcing the rubber compound into the mold cavity. Further, the rubber is cured and used in the production of the final product.

Our in-house experienced engineers ensure precise machining of parts and their careful assembly, additionally. Therefore, it provides accuracy like parallelism between the platen and the bed and the right angularity between the bed and the moving platen. Vatsn-Tecnic has designed a powerful hydraulic unit as per the latest industrial standards with quality components minimizing the noise produced by the hydraulic press, for instance.

Engineers make sure that all valves are manifold mounted for easy and quick maintenance inserting a pressure relief valve and protecting the machinery against overloading. We make sure that the motor stops while curing process as a result it helps reduce electricity consumption.

Types of Rubber Molding Press:

1. Compression Molding Press

2. Transfer Molding Press

3. Vaccum Molding Press

Press Frame Type:

1. H Frame or Window Frame

2. Four-pillar Frame

3. C- Frame

Hydraulic press details:

A hydraulic press is a single or multi-daylight in electrical, steam, and heated versions with hand lever operation or automatic PLC control. These are either up stroking or down stroking varying as per application and requirements. Our Rubber Hydraulic Molding press highlights and technology:

1. Frame – Cut from mild steel without welding joint (ut tested)

2. Cylinder – Steel casting cylinder with gunmetal lining (ut tested)

3. Ram – Mild steel with hard chrome plated surface

4. Platen – Solid plate with a machined surface, drilled passage plugged construction with cross drilling to give full circulation for steam/thermic fluid flow for heating.

5. Hydraulic Power pack – The hydraulic Power pack consists of a low-pressure pump (vane pump), and a high-pressure pump (plunger pump) both pumps run on a single motor, a pressure relief valve, a pressure control module, an oil filter with oil filler, pressure gauge, pressure switch, oil tank (without oil)

6. Stroke- Total distance that the ram can travel, from full extension.

7. Daylight- The distance between the bed bolster and the ram bolster when the ram is fully compressed.

8. Bolster- The plate is usually bolted to the bed and rams substructures

9. Bed Height- Bed Height is the distance from the bottom of the hydraulic press structure bolster bed started.

10. Heated Platens- These are plates that have heating capabilities.

Our specialization

Vatsn-Tecnic is a name of excellence in the field of the Sale/Purchase of Old/Second hand/Refurbished/Reconditioned Rubber processing Machinery for more than 30 years. We also sell/Purchase new rubber machinery with the latest technology and premium quality at reasonable prices. As a result, Vatsn-Tecnic has expanded its business activity worldwide for years now and providing premium quality Old/Second-hand Rubber Processing Machinery from countries like China, Germany, the USA, the UK, and Russia to our valuable customers.

Our company has set new standards for Pre-Sales and after-sales Services for the benefit and ease of our customers. Therefore, Over the years, we have set up more than 1000 units of Rubber Processing Machinery Installed in Tread Rubber, Tread Rubber, Micro-cellular Sheets. We have also set up Cycle Tires and tubes, Automotive Tubes, Conveyor Belts and vee Belts, Hawaii Chappals, Footwear, Injection Bottle Caps, and Allied Rubber Plants. Our premium quality Old/Second hand/Refurbished/Reconditioned Rubber processing Machinery is available for Sale in India. We have Old/Second Rubber Processing machinery available in-house for sale in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kottayam, and Bahadurgarh Footwear Park.

Common Uses of Rubber Hydraulic Molding Press:

1.  Auto Parts Molding

2. Oil Seal Molding

3. Hot Water Bag Molding

4. O Ring Molding

5. Rubber Bushes Molding

6. Engine Rubber Mounting Molding

7. Rubber Sheets, Washers, Springs, and other Rubber Parts Molding

8. Composite Materials Molding (Bullet Proof Jackets, Helmets, etc.)

9. Conveyor Belts/V-belts, Rubber Mats/Flaps/Tires/Tubes etc.

 Second-hand and used machinery are comparatively less costly than new machinery. Our in-house engineers are capable of inserting new technologies such as power backup modernization, fast opening, and closing, let off and batch off assembly, and panel modifications in second-hand and used machinery. We have in-house stock of various second-hand and used machinery of premium quality which helps save you time as well as money.

Technical Specifications:

Presses are designed as per the customer’s requirement. Kindly provide us with the below-mentioned details to quote accordingly:

Platen Size ————— mm x ———— mm
No. of Daylight 1 to 6 as per requirement
Daylight Gap ————– mm
Capacity In Tons
Specific Pressure ————- Kg/cm²
Working Pressure ————- Kg/cm² OR Tons /in²
Type of Heating Electric / Steam or Thermic Fluid
Opening System Gravity opening or Fast opening system
No. of Station One or More Presses operated from One Common Power Pack
Product to be Molded Name of the product


Model Capacity Ram Size Daylight Stroke Length Platen / Bed Size Electric Motor Working Pressure
(TON) (MM) (MM) (HP) (BAR)
VAT – 50 50 120 250 200 300 x 300 5 210
VAT – 100 100 180 350 250 400 x 300 7.5 210
VAT – 150 150 250 400 300 500 x 400 7.5 210
VAT – 200 200 275 450 350 600 x 500 10 210
VAT – 250 250 350 450 350 700 x 600 15 210
VAT – 300 300 350 500 400 800 x 600 20 210
VAT – 400 400 400 550 450 800 x 650 20 210
VAT – 500 500 400 600 500 900 x 700 20 210
VAT – 600 600 500 650 500 900 x 800 30 210
VAT – 800 800 650 750 600 1000 x 800 40 210
VAT – 1000 1000 800 850 550 1200 x 1000 50 210

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