Rubber Rotary Autoclave Unit For Rubber Reclamation Process

Rubber Rotary Autoclave


Vatsn Tecnic has been manufacturing rubber processing machines since 1983. The company specializes in Rubber Rotary Autoclave Units. The rubber, tire, and footwear industries use these units.

Over time, Vatsn-Tecnic became India’s largest platform for selling and buying used/second-hand machinery related to the rubber processing industry, the Tyre/tube industry, and the footwear industry.

Vatsn-Tecnic has years of experience manufacturing, selling, and purchasing used Rotary Autoclave machinery.

These machines are often used in the rubber industry. They vulcanize rubber crumbs at high temperatures and pressures. You can recycle the vulcanized rubber into rubber sheets.

Rubber Rotary Autoclave-

The Rubber Rotary Autoclave is commonly used in Rubber Reclaim and Rubber Recycling processes to produce rubber crumbs. Ats rubber crumb at high temperature and pressure to uniformly mix it with the help of the ems blades of the Rotary Reclaim Autoclave. Rubber Rotary autoclave pushes the material in the longitudinal direction and uniformly mixes it.

We have machinery related to different segments and quality, providing our customers with options to choose the best machine according to their requirements and the quality of the Rubber processing machinery. Our range of rubber processing machines is designed to cater to the manufacturing needs of various rubber products. We offer a diverse selection of devices that can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

We are one of the largest stockists of used/second-hand rubber processing machinery, Tyre/tube manufacturing machines, and footwear industry-related machines. Our company specializes in producing and renovating rubber processing, tire/tube, and footwear machinery.

We promise to offer reliable equipment that is top-notch quality.

We prioritize quality and dependability in our products to ensure our clients receive the best possible experience.

Vatsn-Tecnic is always working towards technological enhancements in rubber-allied industry machines. We provide different services along with the sale and purchase of machinery, like machine installation, machinery repairs and services, machinery spare parts, annual maintenance contracts, etc.

We buy/sell second-hand rubber reclaim rotary autoclaves and rubber reflectometers/rubber reclaim extruders.

The Recleometer/Rubber Reclaim extruder is an advanced technology. It improves the rubber reclamation process by replacing the traditional rubber rotary.

Types of material in rubber reclaim-

  1. Tyre Crumb Reclaim
  2. Latex Rubber Reclaim
  3. Butyl Reclaim

Rubber Reclaim Rotary Vulcanizer/Autoclave Specification-

  • We test rotary autoclaves at 40 kg/sq cm and they operate at a working pressure of 25 kg/sq cm.
  • The rpm of this stirring arrangement varies from 2 to 11 rpm, depending upon the client’s choice.
  • The autoclave runs on a 40 HP to 60 HP motor and gearbox with a 16/20/25:1 ratio, depending on capacity.
  • Specially designed Rubber seals that can withstand height, temperature, and pressure are provided at both doors.


  1. Pipe Coiling: Class-C – C Pipe, ERW, and welded over the length of the shell.
  2. Agitator Shaft: Seamless Pipe EN8.
  3. Blades: MS Material blades are designed to move the rubber crumb (reclaim rubber) material longitudinally, preventing any single particle from remaining in contact with the surface for too long. The heating process is efficient and uniform, providing consistent results.
  4. Bearings and Housing: Double row, two-end bearing with housings.
  5. Material Gates: The body and pad plates are connected through two robust welds.
  6. Gear Box: Helical gearbox.
  7. Couplings: Coupling between motor and gearbox.
  8. Base Body: The Channel Base Frame is securely welded to the vehicle body, providing durable support.
  9. Electrical panel: star-delta starter with automatic Forwarding and reversing, better Product mixing and heating.

Rubber Rotary Autoclave Unit For Rubber Reclamation Process Product Details-

  • Condition New.
  • Material Mild Steel.
  • Weight 10 Ton To 15 Ton.
  • Is It Rust Proof Non-Rust Proof?
  • Temperature Range 100 To 210.
  • Installation Yes.
  • Shape Horizontal.
  • Brand Vatsn Tecnic.
  • Size as per requirement.
  • Insulation Wall Single Wall.
  • Pressure Range 25 KG/ Sq CM.
  • Capacity: 2 Ton to 5 Ton.
  • Usage/Application Rubber Reclaim Industries.
  • Diameter 600 mm – 2000 mm.
  • Mount Type Floor Mounted Autoclave.
  • Chamber Volume as per requirement tonnage.

Benefits of Rubber Rotary Autoclave Unit For Rubber Reclamation Process-

  • High efficiency.
  • Heating system.
  • 100% safe doors.
  • High-temperature resistant lip-seals.
  • Quick opening door.
  • Essential temperature and pressure control.
  • Quality control and safety.
  • Easy functioning.

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