Rubber Calendar Machine Specification

Rubber Calendar Machine

What Is a Calendar Machine?

Vatsn–Tecnic is a renowned name in providing services for the sale and purchase of rubber-allied industries machinery all over India. Our platform provides a complete range of rubber calendar machinery from national as well as international brands. We have been providing premium services and quality types of machinery to our customers all over India for more than 20 years. We have expertise in the sale and purchase of used/second-hand Rubber calendar which is commonly used in rubber-allied industries.

The process of refining the rubber with the help of a calendar is known as calendaring. It refers to a method during which rubber or different materials are forced between multiple rotating rollers. It is an associate degree ironing method that smooths out rubber as it is forced between the rollers stressed. The calendaring machines exert up to five hundred pounds per square measure (psi) and it additionally uses heat. As the rubber is forced between the rollers, it gets heated which causes the rubber to deform and makes the rubber extra pliable.

The rubber mixing calendar is one of the most common machineries for rubber-allied industries. Vatsn-Tecnic has a vast range of quality Rubber mixing calendars of different sizes and brands. We have an in-house workshop and qualified engineers and we specialize in providing Used/old/refurbished/reconditioned Rubber mixing mills at reasonable prices and premium quality. At Vatsn-Tecnic we also provide new rubber mixing mill calenders of premium quality specially designed according to your needs and requirements.

We at Vatsn-Tecnic provide quality used/second-hand Rubber calendars as well as new rubber calendars for sale and purchase in India. We also provide in-house maintenance and service for Rubber calender machines and spare parts for Rubber calender machines.

Rubber mixing calendar machine uses-

The calendering machine is used to produce superior rubber which is used in products like gaskets, seals, and O-rings instead of normal rubber. Rubber-producing firms typically use calendered rubber as it offers many benefits over normal rubber though both require equivalent basic rubber raw material.
Rubber calendaring machine irons plastic or rubber into textiles (cloth, fabric, tire cord) forming composite sheets. Rubber calendaring machine rolls cloth and rubber or plastic to flatten, smooth, and commingle the two or additional materials. Glossy sheets have multiple layers of each of the elastomeric and compound joined along.

1. Tensile Strength of Calendered Sheet-

  • Calendering increases the strength by coating the rubber on each side of the substrate.

2. Smooth end calendering-

  • The calendering machine disembarrasses imperfections on the surface of the rubber.
  • Calendar with patterns helps in the manufacturing of profiled or marbled sheets.

3. Thickness Rolling of Rubber Calendering Sheet-

  • It controls thickness by adjusting the gaps between roller housing, which can be either manually motorized.
  • Two roll calender helps in obtaining rubber sheet of thickness measuring more than 5MM and above
  • 3-roll and 4-roll calendars are used commonly in Tire conveyor belts and sheeting lines.

4. Rubber Calendar Machine classification based on the number of                   rolls/position or orientation-

  • 2-Roll Vertical Type Calendar
  • 2-Roll Inclined or Tilted Type Calendar
  • 3-Roll Vertical Type Calendar
  • 3-Roll Inclined or Tilted Type Calendar
  • 4-Roll Vertical Type Calendar
  • 4-Roll Calendar (Inverted ‘L’ Type) (‘Z’ Type)

5. Bed Plate-

  • Steel Fabricated
  • CI Casting

6. Sand & Cap (Web)-

  • CI Casting /Steel Fabricated.

7. The material of Rolls-

  • Chilled Alloy cast iron having surface hardness above 500 Bhn. The rolls are hollow in the center for cooling/ heating.

8. Nip adjustment-

  • Manual
  • Motorized
  • Hydraulic

9. Housing-

  • CI Cast Iron

10. Bushes-

  • Gunmetal / Phosphorus Bronze
  • Anti-Friction Roller Bearing

11. Reduction Gear BOX-

  • Worm Gearbox
  • Helical Gearbox
  • Radicon Gearbox

12. Grease Lubrication-

  • Automatic force feed with the help of a grease pump.

Specification of Rubber calender machine-

  • Drive: AC or DC Variable Line Speed Gear Drive, Semi-Uni-Drive & Uni-Drive
  • Equipped With Liner Off and Wind Up Units.
  • Rolls are Specially Machined to Crown Guage Accuracy for Uniform Sheet Thickness
  • Variable Speed For Adjustment To Different Kinds Of Sheet.
Roll Diameter Inches 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22
m.m. 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 510 550
Face Width Inches 18 24 30 36 42 48 54 60 66
m.m. 455 610 760 915 1065 1220 1370 1525 1675
Motor H.P 7.5 10 15 30 40 60 100 125 150
R.P.M. 980 980 980 980 980 980 980 980 980

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