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Buy | Sell Used Dispersion Kneader 35 Ltr

Buy | Sell Used Dispersion Kneader 35 Ltr Available
Model:- Back Feeding
Motor :- 75 hp
Make:- China
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Buy | Sell Used Second Hand Rubber Dispersion Kneader 25 Ltr

Buy | Sell Used Second Hand Rubber Dispersion Kneader 25 Ltr Make:- Ravi Machines Delhi Motor :- 40 hp Tilting:- Skrew Tilting Available in the best Running Condition

Buy |Sell Used Dispersion Kneader 35 L

Buy |Sell Used Dispersion Kneader 35 L Technical parameter:- 1. Main machine part 1 set 2. Control system 1 set Working capacity of mixing:- 35L The total volume of the mixing chamber:- 75L Main motor power:- 55KW Rotor speed(Front/Rear):- 32/24.5r/min Mixing chamber tilting angle:-140 Press material air plunger inner diameter:- 200mm Tilting motor power:- 1.5KW The pressure of compressed air:- 0.6-0.8MPa The pressure of cooling water:- 0.2-0.4MPa The pressure of steam:- 0.5-0.8MPa Overall dimensions ( L×W×H):- 3200×1900×2950mm

Buy |Sell Used Second Hand Dispersion Kneader 55 L

Buy |Sell Used Second Hand Dispersion Kneader 55 L Net chamber volume:- 125L Working volume:- 55L Front/Back rotor friction ratio:- 1:1.22 Front rotor rotation speed:- 30rpm Rear rotor rotation speed:- 24.5rpm Driving Motor Power:- 75KW Driving motor rotation speed:- 985rpm Turn angle:- 140° Length*Width*Height(mm):- 3250*1900*2950 Weight(kg):- 7600 Rotor material:- No.45 steel(S45C), Surfacing cemented carbide, Rotor entire surface is plated with hard chromium with good abrasion resistance.

Buy| Sell Used Rubber Dispersion Kneader 75L

Introducing the Cutting-Edge Rubber Dispersion Kneader 75L: Revolutionize your rubber processing with the innovative Rubber Dispersion Kneader 75L, a pinnacle of efficiency, reliability, and precision in the rubber manufacturing industry. Engineered for excellence, this advanced kneading machine is designed to elevate your production processes, ensuring exceptional quality and consistency in rubber dispersion. Features:
  1. High Capacity: With a volumetric capacity of 75 liters, this kneader accommodates substantial quantities of rubber compounds, optimizing production output without compromising on quality.
  2. Precision Kneading: The machine boasts a robust mixing chamber equipped with cutting-edge technology that ensures thorough dispersion and uniformity of rubber compounds. Its precision mixing action guarantees homogeneity, minimizing batch-to-batch variations.
  3. Efficient Cooling System: A superior cooling system maintains the optimal temperature during the kneading process, preventing overheating and ensuring the integrity of the rubber compounds.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive control panel simplifies operation, allowing for easy adjustments and precise control over mixing parameters. Operators can effortlessly monitor and adjust settings for the desired rubber compound characteristics.
  5. Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials and built to withstand rigorous industrial use, the Rubber Dispersion Kneader 75L promises durability and longevity, reducing maintenance requirements and downtime.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Increase your production efficiency with this high-capacity kneader, reducing processing time and enhancing overall output.
  • Consistent Quality: Achieve unparalleled consistency in rubber compounds, meeting the most stringent quality standards with every batch.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of rubber formulations and applications, catering to diverse industry needs.
  • Reliable Performance: Experience reliable and precise mixing, ensuring uniform dispersion and superior product quality.
Applications: This kneader finds application across various industries, including rubber manufacturing for automotive components, industrial seals, rubber sheets, and a multitude of other rubber-based products. Conclusion: The Rubber Dispersion Kneader 75L stands as a testament to cutting-edge engineering, offering unparalleled efficiency, precision, and reliability in the realm of rubber processing. Elevate your production capabilities and achieve unmatched quality with this state-of-the-art kneading solution. Experience seamless operations and superior results with every batch, making it an indispensable asset for your manufacturing endeavors.

Buy| Sell Used Rubber kneader Machine

Buy| Sell Used Rubber kneader Machine Size :- 55 ltr Make:- Verma machinery Motor:- 75 hp Motor Make:- Crompton Greaves Condition:-Good running condition