All deals after finalizing are signed on a notarized stamp paper whether you are a buyer or seller and is eligible for legal actions in case of any unacceptable practices, 25% of total sale proceed must be given while entering the notarized contract and booking of machine

Time frame for loading, transportation and remaining sales proceed will be decided by mutual understanding of buyer and seller; same will be mentioned in the notarized contract. If buyer, for any reason, is not able to complete the remaining sale proceeds in mutual decided time frame as mentioned in the contract then the advance amount .i.e. 25% of the sale proceed will be forfeited , If buyer in any case denies completing the agreed deal after entering in the contract and receiving 25% of advance payment of total sale proceed, in that case buyer must return the advance received. In addition the buyer is also liable to pay compensation to seller equal to the amount of advance received i.e. 25% of the sale proceeds.

5% commission charges of VATSN-TECNIC for services and consulting must be paid at the time of entering into the contract , All payments of sales proceed will be channelized through VATSN-TECNIC keeping in mind the security reasons and guarantees of funds.

Bills for machinery or products will be provided on the name of VATSN-TECNIC.Commission charges are non-refundable after entering the notarized contract.