Rubber Strainer

Rubber Strainers are you used for Straining / filtering of rubber compound for making Reclaim Rubber Sheets and filtering for further Extrusion of Rubber Tubes and Inner Tubes, These strainers ensure full safety of the roller of the rolling mill and eliminate chances of tubes extruded from punchier.


  • L/D Ratio: 1: 6.
  • Material Feed through undercut hopper with & without feed roller attachment.
  • Available in Double head strainer continuous operation & easily exchanged.
  • Constant Speed Strainer.
  • Full and Semi Uni Drive Extruders Eliminating Bull Gear and Pinion.
  • Gearbox with hollow output shaft for screw cooling though Rotary Joint.

Designing Specifications

  • Barrel : Heavy duty M.S. seamless tube steel fabricated and machined to close tolerance. The Barrel is double jacketed for water cooling or steam heating and tested hydraulically to ensure against any leakage before dispatch.
  • Screw : Screw made of Alloy Steel material Nitra hardened and Grinded surface having hardness of 58 ~ 60 RC. Screw is designed with double pitched special thread.
  • Sleeve : Sleeve made of High wear resistant Alloy Steel Material Nitra hardened and Grinded having hardness of 58 ~ 60 RC appx.
  • Bearing Housing : Bearing housing is made out of Steel Casting machined finished and fitted with heavy duty thrust taper roller Bearings on both ends to ensure against any deflection and tolerate heavy extrusion load.
  • Reduction Gearbox : Helical Reduction Gearbox with hollowed output shaft with thrust bearing housing direct coupled to gearbox output shaft.
  • Die-Head Heavy Duty steel fabricated hinged type Straight Die Head designed for easy opening and fixing and Straining of Rubber.
  • Base Frame Common base frame heavy duty, Steel fabricated accurately machined on which whole machine with Gearbox and motor are fitted. No deep foundations are required.

Technical Specifications

Model Screw Dia M.M. Required Motor Capacity Kg. / Per Hrs. RPM Of Warm
VATSN -STE-1 115 25 190 35
VATSN -STE-2 150 30 325 35
VATSN -STE-3 200 50 450 30