Rubber Bale Cutter

Vetsn-Tecnic offers Rubber Bale Cutter machine to cut synthetic or natural rubber bales in pieces for further processing in Mixing Mill, Kneader and Banbury machines. The inclined cutters are provided with constant bales. Our bale cutters are equipped with rollers for very smooth movement of bales. The blades of Bale Cutter are made from very special alloy steel material which is further Hardened Tempered and Grinded for maintaining its sharpness long lasting to cut rubber bales for continuous process.

  • Better quality cutting
  • Higher productivity
  • Cuts both natural as well as synthetic rubber bales
  • User-Friendly operation
  • Rollers to move the bales
  • Hardened Tempered and Grinded Cutting blade
  • Manually Operated through Direction Control Valve
  • Two hand push button safety feature also available in machines equipped with Control Panel

Available Models

  • Floor Base Single Cut Bale Cutter
  • Table Base Bale Cutter for operating at Chest Level
  • Cross Cut Bale Cutter to cut bale into 4 pieces at one time
  • Hydraulically and Pneumatically operated Bale Cutters as per requirement

Technical Specifications of Standard Bale Cutter

Type Floor Base Single Cut Bale Cutter
Ram Stroke 22"
Working Pressure 1.6 Tons/in2
Cutter Force 20 Tons
Cutter Length 28"
Cutter Width 5"
Motor 5 H.P.
Tank 65 Liters
Ram EN - 8, Hard Chrome Plated
Cylinder Seamless Steel Honed Tube
Blade Alloy Steel, Hardened Tempered and Grinded.
Hydraulic Power Pack Gear & Plunger Type, Breather Filter, Oil Filter
D.C. valve Directional Control Valve & Release Valve