Bull Gear Mixing Mill

The internal mixer is usually the single most important machine in the rubber products factory. The end product can only be as best as the quality of the rubber going into the mold.

Vatsn Tecnic have been rebuilding mixers for 10+ years. We know mixers. Our experience, vast library of drawings, skilled workers, and attention to detail, assures the customer they are getting an "on spec" rebuilt machine. A Secondhand or Used Mixers. Vatsn Tecnic often purchase complete mixers, or take mixers in trade as customers purchase larger size mixers. Vatsn Tecnic do a thorough inspection, and present the mixer in a factual "as is" condition, with a complete inspection report. The opportunity of purchasing a really nice secondhand used mixer, at a very attractive price, exists here. Vetsn-Tecnic are one of the leading manufacturers of A Rubber Mixing Mill. A The entire range of rubber mixing mill is extensively used for quick homogenous blending of synthetic or natural rubbers with a variety of chemicals. This type rubber mixing mill is largely used for mixing and crude rubbers plasticate and Bubber padding's soak. These machine are Manufactured using high grade raw materials and are equipped with Anti Friction Roller Bearings which ensures high power saving, zero maintenance and better productivity.

Used bull gear mixing mill Available size

  • VATSN- Used bull gear mixing mill 10"x24" Vatsn Tecnic
  • VATSN - Used bull gear mixing mill 12"x30" Vatsn Tecnic
  • VATSN - Used bull gear mixing mill 14"x36" Vatsn Tecnic
  • VATSN - Used bull gear mixing mill 16"x42" Vatsn Tecnic
  • VATSN - Used bull gear mixing mill 18"x48" Vatsn Tecnic
  • VATSN - Used bull gear mixing mill 22"x60" Vatsn Tecnic
  • VATSN - Used bull gear mixing mill 26"x84" Vatsn Tecnic

Designing Specifications

  • Rolls : Alloy Chilled Cast Iron rolls with surface hardness 510 ~ 550 BHN. The Rolls are mirror finished & polished, duly grinded and are hollowed for cooling or heating.
  • Roll Cooling : Through universal funnel type drop tray System (Standard Type) / Universal Rotary joints with inner Spray pipes system for water circulation and roll cooling.
  • Roll Clearance Adjusting Unit : Manual using separate screws and Nut arrangement / Worm Gear drive system with Hand Wheels / Motorized Nip Adjustment system.
  • Roll Bearings : Anti Friction Roller Bearings fitted in sealed bearing housings which Saves power bills 20% ~ 25% compared to Bronze Bush Bearing machines and very Silent Operation.
  • Stand Frame & Caps : Heavy Duty Graded Cast Iron Stand Frames and M.S. Steel Casting Caps.
  • Gearbox : Worm / Helical reduction gearbox of Premium (Greaves) / Shanty make with suitable safety factor.
  • Bed : Heavy Duty Steel Fabricated Common base frame using Steel Beams and M.S. plates.

Technical Specifications

Model Chilled Rolls Barrel Dia. Dimensions Length Capacity Per Batch Required Motor HP
VATSN-BGD/W-1 10" 24" 8 ~ 10 kg 20
VATSN -BGD/W-2 12" 30" 15 ~ 20 kg 30
VATSN -BGD/W-3 14" 36" 25 ~ 30 kg 40
VATSN -BGD/W-4 16" 42" 40 ~ 50 kg 60
VATSN -BGD/W-5 18" 48" 60 ~ 70 kg 75
VATSN -BGD/W-6 22" 60" 90 ~ 110 kg 125
VATSN -BGD/W-7 26" 84" 130 ~ 150 kg 225